How to analyze your competitors

Why should you monitor and analyze the apps and games of your competitors?

In such a volatile market it is not enough to simply have and carry out a good ASO strategy. There are many factors that you must analyze and consider. Researching and monitoring your competitors can give you a sizable advantage in said marketplace.

In order to increase the success of your app or mobile game it is important to understand who your top competitors are and what strategy they are implementing. This analysis will allow you to draw conclusions and focus your ASO strategy before launch and/or adapt it once the app is live.

By monitoring your competitors you will save a lot of time, and in many aspects, optimize your ASO Strategy.  You will be able to analyze what works, what does not, and learn more about the market trends of your app category.  What are users saying about the other apps in your category? Are there common issues that arise? Learn from the successes and failures of others and harness the knowledge that will allow your app succeed in the market.

Ranking of Competitor Categories

Choosing the right category for your app is one of the fundamental decisions that you must make when positioning your app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

Analyze the categories and see what kind of applications and games are in the top positions now; this will give you an idea of the strategy for the most successful apps in your category. With this analysis you will be able to obtain information about the difficulty and the competition that you will face among apps which are focused on the same audience.  Understand what is working for the competition, and what parts you can implement. This knowledge can greatly boost visibility early in the app’s life cycle.

In addition, tracking the rankings in the chosen category will allow you to see what changes/trends are developing, which will allow you to adapt your strategy.

Analysis and monitoring of your competition’s keywords

Another aspect of your ASO Strategy, which can be greatly helped by analyzing your competition, are the keywords. You should identify the search terms your competitors are trying to rank for and the keywords they are already ranking for in the top positions.  Analyzing your competitors’ title, subtitle, short or long description and the density of words they are using would allow your team to implement a strategy based on data that you know is already working.

Keyword Ranking

Monitoring keyword rankings will allow you to check the evolution and changes in both stores with respect to your app and competitors,  broken down by country.

In the same way, you can check changes in the competition’s positioning strategy and be able to analyze the changes they have made, which may have influenced the rankings of those search terms. This analysis will allow you to know if any change in their strategy has allowed them to improve the rankings and how you can improve and optimize your ASO strategy.

Icon and Screenshots Analysis and Monitoring

Visual elements have a big impact on the conversion rate. Analyzing and monitoring graphic changes made by your competitors can help you see trends or changes in their strategies.  Adjusting your app’s icon and screenshots has the potential to affect visibility: color changes, new gameplays or renders, call-to-actions, screenshots or icons for a seasonal period or event, and so on.  Has the competition implemented new gameplay which they are showcasing in their updated screenshots? Does your title have this aspect already? Are users responding? 

By implementing the above, you will be able to identify trends of what is working well for the different competitors and it will allow you to adapt your strategy; create A/B tests with different variants to improve users’ conversion rate.

Reviews Analysis and Competition Rating

Reviews and ratings can become a key factor for users when downloading or buying an app.  It can also be a large source of information for you about what the competition is doing well and what can be improved.  

Many people who leave a rating or review, can mention some problem they have detected in the app, some features they like and different options they would like to see within the app.   This can help you avoid a similar mistake.  

Sometimes reviews have a similar word repeated.  The app may be associating with that potential keyword.  Knowing what users want from a similar game, understanding how they look for it and being open to adjusting your keywords to obtain additional users are all part of an ongoing ASO Strategy.  

For example, monitoring and analyzing the competition’s comments has allowed Lab Cave to avoid mistakes when releasing a new game into the market.  Additionally, it has provided us with a better perspective of what the user wants and how we can adapt. No need to repeat a mistake!


If you don’t monitor and analyze your competition, you could be missing an opportunity to greatly impact on the visibility and results of your app. Keep in mind that you do not only need to depend on your internal plans in order to increase visibility. There are many apps trying to rank in the stores and any changes they make can affect your organic traffic.

Being able to adapt your strategy to the changes that take place in the app ecosystem, as well as those your competitors choose to implement, will be a key factor to increase your organic traffic.  Improving your keyword rankings and discovering trends from your competition is a solid strategy to stay current in the marketplace. Learn from your competitors’ mistakes and pay attention to changes in visual aspects, which may have an impact on the conversion of your app.

If you consider all these factors you will better understand why tracking and analyzing your competition is so important.  With solid data you will be able to optimize and improve the visibility of your app in both platforms, achieving an increase in downloads. 

Do you still think your competitors’ changes do not affect you?

If you have any questions about how to analyze and monitor your competitors, we at Lab Cave can help you!

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