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App Store Optimization (ASO) and Mediation Tool

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Lab Cave Games

Lab Cave, by Fibonad, is a mobile gaming company offering ASO, premium publishing
and mediation services.

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App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO has always been a part of our DNA. We have iterated over 300 games and achieved 180 Million Organic Installs (and counting) providing us valuable knowledge on how to improve App visibility and conversion rates.

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We want your game to be as successful as possible. That’s why we apply our expertise after developing and launching +300 games and we combine it with Fibonad’s proficiency in performance. We believe that with our help other studios can reach their true potential!

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Proprietary technology to improve organic traction.


Get the most of your users.


Grow in UA and distribution.


Only data-driven decisions.

Ad Mediation

We understand how vital ad revenue is for an App Publisher. This is why we have created a tool that is able to fulfill the requirements of a savvy marketer, minimizing headaches and tedious tasks while smoothing out your day-to-day.

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Designed by App Publishers

Made for App Publishers.


Waterfall Management, Direct Deals, Custom Campaigns.

Yield Maximization

Higher Fill Rates and eCPMs.

Easy Integration

Implement and forget: Automatic updates.

Fibonad Logo

Fibonad is a global advertising media company with a unique and proprietary technology running through its core.

We provide clients with Branding and Performance solutions which are supported by our Data, Analytic and optimization platforms. Not only this, but we also have our own network of publishers.


mobusi is a Technology Media Company with a mobile-first and performance mindset. Advertisers and Publishers can reach their goals thanks to mobusi’s proprietary technology and global coverage.

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SunMedia is a video and branding company offering innovative in-stream and out-stream video solutions on both mobile and web. Brand Safety and Viewability guaranteed.

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Upplication is our online app creating platform, enabling companies to design and develop their own app, in the simplest of ways. There's no need for previous programming knowledge - Upplication does all the hard work for you!

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Instasent is our SMS Marketing company. Using its efficient and easy-to-use proprietary technology, the company provides bulk SMS solutions for its clients, enabling them to integrate their own app or software with their API.

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Calle Principe de Vergara 112, 3ª Planta.
28002 Madrid, España