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Lab Cave

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About us


The company was founded by brothers Fernando and Oscar at the end of 2013,

after asking their parents for a loan of money to develop a game. One year later after developing the game, they launched it and found themselves almost broke since the game didn't cover not even a small part of the investment poured in. Ready to throw in the towel, they decided to keep trying and innovating the ways in which we produced game, creating a very cost- efficient lean structure of game production. In February of 2017, Lab Cave Games was acquired by Fibonad group, one of the leading technology ​media ​companies in Europe.

Since then, Lab Cave​ Games​ has skyrocketed to success, becoming one of the largest mobile game developers in Spain. We now have experienced ​150+​ million downloads worldwide, particularly in countries like China, USA and Japan as well as seeing several promotions highlighted by Apple in over 140 countries.​ ​Located in Madrid​ (Spain)​, we have a team of over 50 people with amazing talent and a real passion for mobile video games, providing the best games on the market: casual games, simulation games, management games, strategy games, and bike and car racing games are just a few of our categories.


Our DNA is based on our company history and that's why innovation, creativity and efficiency are our three main pillars. ​

Our workplace is dynamic, with a collaborative environment that encourages ​out-of-the-box thinking, ​quality, ​fun​ and analysis​​. That way, we strive to improve mobile games development from a very data-driven decision making process, creating optimized and even more attractive products.

One of our main interests is the well-being of our team – that's why we periodically organise team-building events to encourage teamwork and create​ synergies between different departments. In addition, ​we enjoy an ​incomparable working schedule throughout the whole year. That way, we conciliate both the personal and working life of all our employees.

If you have a real passion for video games and fancy working in the heart of Madrid, with sweet working hours, good vibes, an attractive package alongside an amazing team of talented professionals, then Lab Cave Games is for you!


Calle Quintana 2, 3ª Planta.
28008 Madrid, España