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Lab Cave

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ASO has always been a part of our DNA. Since 2014, we’ve been trying to understand and identify how the Google Play and App Store algorithms work.

ASO is not a one-off task but instead, a process of obtaining as much traffic as possible by, firstly, improving the app’s visibility in stores and, secondly, by optimizing the visit-to-install conversion of those apps’ profiles.


The current mobile game ecosystem is formed by millions of apps just waiting to be discovered. Here are some reasons why ASO is so important:


There are 2.2m+ apps in the App Store and 3m+ in Google Play.


65%+ of global downloads come from searches.


CPI prices are usually sky-high and only a few can compete with them.


Traffic mostly formed by high value users.


We combine the expertise of our ‘ASOers’ with innovative and advanced analytical techniques developed by our ASO BOT; our in-house technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. What does it do?


Automatically finds and filters thousands of keywords.


Classified data of 500,000+ keywords in 12 languages for both OS.


The algorithm catalogues each keyword adhering to 5 different KPIs.


Tracks keywords, downloads, CR, competitors and A/B tests changes.

Our Services

Our services include store profiles and app audits, market research, long term strategies, on-going CRO processes, iterations, continuous monitoring and analytics as well as brainstorming.

All of this is based on two principles:



Your app must stand out in these overcrowded app stores. The app metadata needs to be fully optimized with keywords so that it can easily be found, thus leading to increased exposure.



Once your app has been discovered, you need to make sure it is installed. The main elements to work on are A/B visual testing as well as localizing the app page for different cultures and countries.

Do you require
our expertise in ASO?

Case Studies

ASO is not magic. It’s a thorough and complex process of understanding and iteration. Lab Cave ASO Services don’t believe in magic wands, but instead, data and years of expertise. Check out our latest success stories, where you can truly see the fruit of our work in third party apps.

Champion league

Champion Soccer League

Stand out in the crowded "Sport" vertical with a new game launch on Google Play, without performing any UA actions...

The Respawnables

The Respawnables

Digital Legends’ third person shooter The Respawnables is an amazing game that, previously had no ASO optimization...

Epic Summoners

Epic Summoners

FT Games reaches a +100% Organic Install Uplift with Lab Cave's ASO Optimization...


What kind of games are you interested in?

We are open to evaluate any kind of genre.

Can you do it for Android, iOS or both?

We have a dedicated team for each operating system, so we work in both platforms.

What are the requirements for an ASO partnership?

We love to show results, therefore games with a longer presence in the stores are preferred, because it will be easier to isolate and compare the ASO effect.
We usually work with games that have 1M+ downloads, but we would be open to study a partnership with newer titles as well.

Are you only doing Keyword optimization or would you take care about the visuals as well?

Members of our ASO team are designers and illustrators.
We truly believe that a proper ASO must have both, visuals and keyword optimization. We have tested countless icon, screenshot, featured image variations and gained a valuable know-how for increasing the conversion.

What business model do you usually work with?

We see ASO as a non-stop process where you need to iterate often, that’s why our partnerships are based on a monthly fee where the team would perform several updates.