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App Store Optimization (ASO) and Mediation Tool



We have had endless success launching our own games into traditional app stores.

Now, our aim is to collaborate and reach new markets and distribution channels providing users just what they’re looking for.

Amazing themes

All kinds of themes you may need: animals, airplanes, anime, athletes, bears, birds, buggies, cars, cats, cookies, dinosaurs, dogs, dragons, elephants, fish, goats, gorillas, Halloween, robots, samurai, Santa Claus, sharks, skateboards, soldiers, spaceships, super-bikes, tigers, trains, trucks, wolfs, zombies and many more!

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All kinds of content

From super casual to mid core games, we have a huge portfolio of fun games with a vast game mechanics to conquer every audience: runners, FPS shooting, clickers, city management, animal caring, match-3, colouring book, doctors game, learning games, cloth maker, airport management, wedding games, makeup games, soccer games, pregnancy games, nails… and many many more!!

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Unlike many may think, there is a lot of revenue outwith the Google Play and App Stores. That’s why we’ve been focusing on reaching new distribution channels and alternative business models. From a carrier in Japan to some of the most important worldwide mobile manufacturers, such as Huawei, we aim to expand the reach of our products as much as possible!

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Why Lab Cave?

You’ve got a great game but you’re not able to promote it successfully in the market. Fear no more, with our expertise launching casual and midcore products, we can take you to the next level with our business intelligence.

Business approach


More than 300 games with +30 themes (and more to come!) are ready to be submitted in new platforms and channels.

Data driven


No matter what kind of devices your audience have! We make sure our games run perfectly on 5,000 Android phones, including low-end devices!

Collaboration models


We make sure all our games have the highest quality standards and offer every single user an outstanding experience!

Business approach


Art is key and we have a talented art-team on-hand in charge of in-game artwork and models as well as designing all the necessary marketing materials!

Data driven


Our developers and producers will adapt products to fit into every store or business model! Everything you need to succeed with our games!