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Lab Cave

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Our company specializes in creating casual and midcore games for iOS and Android.

So far, more than 300 games have been created, reaching 150M organic downloads.

Only having good products is not enough for a game to be a success. That's why in Lab Cave Games we work hard in every detail by involving a great team of developers, game designers, analysts, "techies", ASO specialists, artists and marketers through all the phases of a very lean process.

Since the very beginning of the conceptual idea and the artwork, we thoroughly study the position of every product in all the markets and localizations to get the most of the organic visibility. Beautiful and attractive in-game and marketing artworks make the rest to make our products shine.

Combining cutting-edge in-house technology with strong expertise in areas such as monetization, marketing, QA and analytics, Lab Cave Games publishes cool, innovative and fun games for every single audience.

Our top 5

Tap Knights

The monsters of death are being woken up in the Forgotten Forest by an evil force. Thousands of them are preparing a war against humanity!
These evil creatures of the night are being commanded by the dark knights, a crowd of obscure assassin monsters who want to get rid of every human being... Only knights, warriors and magic heroes can stop them before it's too late!

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Viking: Heroes War

Vikings are back and ready to fight! Get ready for an exciting war and non-stop fun! Live a fascinating viking adventure in this idle-based strategy war game: Create the strongest army of soldiers with different types of warriors and fight against your enemies!

Robber Race

Jump in the car and race as fast as you can in this runner game!
You have just robbed a lot of money and are driving on a highway road with the police behind you!
You can choose between 30 different cars and start the race.
Compete with your friends to see who can survive the longest in this amazing police car chase game!

Burger Clicker

Your goal will be to expand your business to win a lot of money!
This is a clicking game that is highly addictive!
Become a dedicated professional who knows how to run a business and makes billions of income!
Enjoy playing this game and compare with your friends and other players of the world who becomes the real billionaire!

Tooth Fairy Horse Caring Pony

If you’re a fan of girle games along with horses then this is the princess horse game for you!
You will have the chance to visit a horseland with all kinds of fairy princess unicorns, horses for kids, ponies and all kinds of fairy tale animals.
Visit this horse haven and enjoy this farm game like never before!​