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Play Dream Hospital! The app of Lab Cave Games

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Dream Hospital

Build and manage your dream hospital

Dream Hospital is a medical center simulation game. Hire your staff, create medical rooms and equip your hospital.

Test your resource and time management skills as you produce and use medical supplies to treat patients.

Examine, diagnose and cure patients with rare illnesses with the help of your medical team and your cutting edge medical equipment.


Character 01

Build your
perfect Hospital

Create specialized treatment rooms, purchase advanced medical equipment, decorate with beautiful furniture.


Character 02

Do it
your way

Choose wisely among various doctors, nurses, specialists and medical supplies to provide the best care for your patients and keep things running smoothly.


Character 03

Cure rare

Send out your helicopter or ambulance car to fetch patients with rare conditions. Cure patients with the help of your team of medical experts.


Character 04

Be the best

Compete with other players worldwide to be the best hospital in the world. Develop Advanced Cures and Utilize your research lab and production facilities to develop and produce advanced medical cures.