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Ad Mediation Tool

We have tested almost every solution in the market and in our opinion, none of them were built with Game developers in mind.

That lead to the birth of a product with the goal to provide a flexible yet powerful solution to efficiently manage In-Game inventory.

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Why an ad mediation tool?

With only 1% of Users making In-Game Purchases, Ad Monetization is a key area for an Game Publishers revenue growth.

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Demand Aggregation

Access to the top Ad Exchanges DSPs and Ad Networks.

Better Fill Rates

Fill more ad requests thanks to a diversified demand.

Higher eCPMs

Competitiveness improves pricing and performance.


Super light and easy integration with automatic updates.

From Game Developers for Game Developers

We are managing over 300 games ad placements and have built this product to make ourselves more agile, maximize performance and obtain access to the most relevant metrics at a glance.

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Customized Waterfall

Auto or Manual settings (Network prioritization, price floors…)


Direct Deals and Cross-Promotion campaigns.

Powerful Dashboard

Visualize and analyze your data for decision-making processes.

Relevant Metrics

Monitor your DAU and ARPDAU in one place.

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