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360º Ready to increase your Ad Revenue?

The importance of an unbiased Mediation

With our Ad Mediation platform, you can maximize your App monetization and make your ads more relevant to users via our solution. Use our impartial and unbiased solution to make the most of your in-App advertising inventory.

The Mobile Ad Mediation Marketplace can be confusing with a lack of transparency, control and risks to cost of opportunity. We could not find the perfect solution that worked for us, so we made our own. Lab Cave’s Ad Mediation solution was created from a drive for transparency, flexibility and a deep understanding of user needs.

At Lab Cave we are developers too, we feel your pain! Our solutions are based on our learnings from hundreds of App launches. We know what is needed to monetize your traffic in a straightforward, unbiased way. We have been there, now we’re here for you.

Unbiased Mediation

Built to substantially improve your existing revenue per user with transparency. Lab Cave is not compromised by demand, therefore we are 100% impartial.

Smart Monetization Metrics

Quickly compile and analyze revenue from your existing users, networks, formats, and countries. Easily identify trends and unexplored revenue sources.

First-Hand Experience

As a Publisher that has guided over 300 of our own apps through our mediation, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the situations you are facing right now.

Ad Networks included

Key features

Increasing the Ad revenue of your App doesn’t need to be difficult. Check out some of our Mediation features that can help your mobile advertising strategy.

  • Take full control of your Waterfall
  • Monetization strategy
  • LTV and Retention
  • Customer Support
  • In-App Bidding

Our smart algorithm decides what your waterfall should look like in your top geos. Create multiple manual line items in your waterfall with specific rules and priorities.

Take Full Control of Your Waterfall

Find out the best monetization strategy with our waterfall insights and superior reporting capabilities

Create your monetization strategy based on data

Identify your LTV & retention and plan your UA efforts accordingly

LTV and Retention

Benefit from our years of experience with guidance from our account managers to increase your revenue.

Customer Support

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Get access to Real Time Bidding and make the most out of each impression

In-app bindding

Case Studies

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