Reach the highest LTV

Reach the highest LTV

A tailored monetization strategy

Finding the right monetization strategy to optimize revenue without damaging your user experience is a huge challenge. At Lab Cave, we make data-driven decisions to reach the highest LTV while maintaining that all-important user experience.

We can create innovative solutions tailored to your app.

A Bespoke Strategy

Maximize revenue via a monetization strategy that plays to your app’s strengths.

Expert Decision Making

With a portfolio of over 400 published apps and experience working with hundreds of developers, you can trust our insights.

Leading Analytics & Data Science

Via our benchmark analysis we learn from every performance category. Applying the best monetization features to impact revenue with the lowest cost in terms of time and money.

Monetization strategy

The perfect monetization strategy involves constant optimization.

Analytics strategy

Defined KPIs and analytic strategy to gather specific data.

Insights & action

A crafted user journey based on analysis of the FTUE (First Time User Experience) allowing us to optimize the revenue at any point of a user’s lifetime.

Test & validation

Constant testing and KPI benchmarking informs decision-making for the next build.

Lab Cave advantages

Why choose Lab Cave as your monetization Partner?

Own Catalogue

Maximize revenue via a monetization strategy that plays to your app’s strengths.

Big Game Players

We have worked with some of the biggest players in the industry including Zinkia, Fun Plus and more.


An ongoing process of evaluation, ensuring the biggest impact on monetization strategy at the lowest possible cost (both time and money!).

Own Mediation Platform

Not only can we positively impact revenue with new features, but our mediation platform allows us to optimize by CPM and Impressions, giving you more options.

Data-Specialized Team

Our experienced team puts data at the heart of every decision. Consistently testing new approaches and features to ensure Lab Cave remains at the forefront of the industry.

Leading Analytics & Data Science

Lab Cave offers a full 360 service for every aspect of your app: monetization, ASO, UA, mediation, development, etc...

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