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The purpose of this Privacy Policy (hereafter, the “Policy”) is to regulate LAB CAVE APPS S.L.´s data processing activities (hereinafter LABCAVE) as data controller, located at Calle Principe de Vergara 112, 3rd floor 28002 Madrid, España. This Privacy Policy applies to all games development provided by LABCAVE, and also for the games included in Designed for Families program and oneAudience:

1. LABCAVE processing of Personal Data

In accordance with the EU Regulation 2016/679 on data protection (“GDPR”) and California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"), LABCAVE informs you that it will process Personal Data collected through the use of software, applications and/or services in connection with your user accounts from third party providers, such as social networking websites or software marketplaces. User’s personal data that is collected will be treated with absolute confidentiality and in compliance with the duty of secrecy.

We may collect information regarding your use of our software, applications and/or services, including information about the duration of your use, the features you use and your interactions with other users of the software, applications and/or services. We may aggregate information about you collected across your usage of different software, applications or services offered by us.

We may collect information regarding the device you use to access the software, applications and/or services, including (where applicable) its model, operating system, screen resolution, web browser, IP address, Media Access Control (MAC) address and other technical information. Where you allow us access to such information, we may also collect information from your device such as your geographic location and your contact lists. The legitimate bases for the data processing is your consent.

Likewise, LABCAVE inform you that the collected personal data will be stored in a Record of Processing Activities that is solely owned by LABCAVE. LABCAVE has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data and to prevent said data from its destruction, loss, unlawful access or unlawful alteration. In determining these measures, LABCAVE has taken into account the scope, context, and purpose of the treatment; the current state of the technology and the risks involved to develop said measures.

2. Purposes for which LABCAVE processes Personal Data

In compliance with the principles of privacy by design, privacy by default and data minimisation, LABCAVE will only collect the personal data that is necessary for achieving the below purposes. LABCAVE does not use illegal, unfair or fraudulent procedures to obtain personal data.

The purposes for which LABCAVE collects personal data is to providing or offering goods and services to you, to guarantee the operation of the game, to any other purpose authorised by law, to provide you with personalized advertisings, and to other purposes authorised by you. Likewise, if the User expressly consent, LABCAVE may process his or her data to send informative communications that are related to LABCAVE’s activity, offers, events, and future services. These communications may be send by email.

LABCAVE will request the User’s prior consent every time his or her data is used for a different purpose than for which it was provided or requested.

3. Rights that Users may exercise before LABCAVE or the relevant Supervisory Authority

Any User who wishes to exercise his or her rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of the processing, to data portability or of objection must notify LABCAVE upon written request send to the email address: dpo@labcavegames.com or to LABCAVE’s headquarters, located at Calle Principe de Vergara 112, 3rd floor - Madrid. In accordance with GDPR provisions, the contents of the rights that Users are entitled to are the following:

  • Right of access: The user can request LABCAVE to disclose which data relating to him or she is subject to processing by LABCAVE as well as the source from which the data was collected and the purpose for which the data is being processed.
  • Right to rectification: The User can request LABCAVE to modify any personal data that is not updated.
  • Right to erasure: The User can request LABCAVE to delete his or her personal data unless there are justified and valid reasons that allow LABCAVE to maintain the data. The Right of Erasure implies a period whereby the personal data will remained blocked in order to comply with any legal obligations that may arise before its definitive deletion.
  • Right of objection: The User can object before LABCAVE its use of personal data for certain purposes.
  • Right to restrict the processing: The User can request LABCAVE to highlight its personal data as being restricted to the specific purposes that the User accepted.
  • Right to file a complaint before the relevant Supervisory Authority: In the event of disagreement with the way LABCAVE collects and processes personal data or have addressed requests for the exercise of User rights, the Users may file a complaint before the Supervisory Authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency).

4. Third party recipients that may have access to User personal data

LABCAVE undertakes not to transfer or communicate your personal data to any third party unless prior and explicit authorisation by you.

Nevertheless, it is possible that LABCAVE allows access to your personal data to third parties that provide service to you. These third parties will acquire the status of Data Processors. As such, they may only process your personal data in accordance with LABCAVE’s instructions. We direct all such organisations to maintain the confidentiality of the information disclosed to them and to not use your information for any purpose other than to provide services on our behalf or to us.

We may share your information with third parties with whom we have a strategic relationship, such as data providers, business partners and advertisers. The information shared with these third parties may be used for the purpose of providing you with information on goods and services we believe will be of interest to you.

Any personal information submitted to us online, including via the software and/or services, may need to be processed by a third party. By submitting personal information online or via the software and/or services, you consent to the disclosure of that information to a third party, who may be located overseas, for the sole purpose of processing the submitted information.

5. Third party services

You may use third party services

(a) to obtain our software, applications and/or services (for example, a software marketplace); and/or

(b) in conjunction with our software, applications and/or services (for example, a social networking website).

Your use of these third party services may be subject to separate terms and conditions and privacy policies, and you acknowledge that we are not liable for the use of your personal information by any such third parties.

Our software and services may contain links (including via advertisements) to third party websites or other third party content or services. This privacy policy does not apply to such third party activities, and you should make your own assessment of the privacy policies of these third parties. We strongly recommend you read these third party policies, and the terms and conditions attaching to the third party offerings, prior to access or use.

6. Conservation period

Personal data will be kept for attend the purposes mentioned above during the period of 24 hours. Once the conservation period is terminated LABCAVE will keep the personal data duly blocked for the periods stablished by law with the sole purpose of attending to any type of responsibilities that may arise. Once prescribed such responsibilities, your personal data will be delete.

7. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are installed in the User’s browser and which are used to record his or her activity on the Website, to allow more fluid and personalized web browsing or to provide additional functionalities such as the viewing of interactive videos or graphics or to enable access to the User’s private profile.

Users may configure and order their browser to not accept cookies, block them and, if necessary, delete them. In accordance with article 22(2) of Spanish Act 34/2002 (“LSSI”), the User may refuse to install cookies when accessing the Website. However, FIBONAD informs you that some of its Website functions demand the installation of cookies in order for it to function correctly. As such, Users understand that uninstalling or refusing cookies could limit their web browsing activities.

Type of cookies

This Website installs the following cookies

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Changing The Web Browser Preferences

You can change the preferences of your browser to choose which cookies it must allow access to. These preferences are usually in the menu "options" or "preferences" of your browser.

Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Configuration. For more information, consult Microsoft support or the Help tab.

Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Personalized Configuration. For more information, consult Mozilla Support or the Help tab.

Chrome: Configuration > Show Advanced Options > Privacy > Content Configuration. For more information consult Google Support or the Help tab.

Safari: Preferences > Security. For more information, consult Apple Support or the Help tab.

However, if you change your preferences and block these cookies, some functions of our Website will be annulled and you will not be able to make the most of the features from our Website.

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