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Lab Cave

Going down


We want your game to be as successful as possible. That’s why we want to apply all our knowledge and expertise from developing and launching +300 casual games and combine it with Fibonad’s expertise in performance. This way, with our help, other studios can reach their true potential!

app store optimization

We have one of the most advanced​ ASO teams in all of Europe, together with the cutting-edge patented tools, allowing us to obtain 150+ million organic downloads! Our experienced team makes sure we have maximum organic visibility in the App Store, Google Play and alternative stores.


An in-house developed ASOBOT, mixing AI and machine learning.


57 localizations for Google Play and 16 for iOS.


It's all about testing and optimizing.


Trends research and ranking for 1M+ keywords in iOS and Android!

& analytics

Only data-driven decisions with just one goal:​ reach the highest LTV without damaging user experience. We create innovative solutions to make the most of every game, both from the monetization and from the user side​.


Holistic game economy approach.


Smart balancing with offers and pricing design.

data science

In-house systems to track major KPIs.


Events design and methodical mindset.

& advertising

With vast experience managing a huge ad inventory, mediation and formats, along with the power this leading advertising group holds, the marketing team will take your product to the next level, with just one goal: making it grow!


Covering all UA needs, optimizing sources and detecting fraud.


Direct contact with Apple and Google Play to get featured.


New business models, stores and channels around the world.


Optimized mediation, ad formats and direct deals.

Why Lab Cave?

You’ve got a great game but you’re not able to promote it successfully in the market. Fear no more, with our expertise launching casual products, we can take you to the next level with our business intelligence.

Business approach


Having a great game is not enough. You need traffic and to monetize it! Our Monetization & Analytics, Marketing & Advertising and ASO teams are here to help make the most of your product, taking you that extra mile!

Data driven


At Lab Cave Games, although we endeavour to do so, we can't promise to be featured in the stores. But we’ll sure to our best to achieve it! Results are there for you to be checked. Data rules in decision making process. Our figures don't lie!

Collaboration models


The Publishing side of Lab Cave Games only looks for good games so, if we do decide to work together, we’ll adapt the best business model for both sides! Investment, co-development or service providers are just some of our options!

Do you require our
expertise in Publishing?

Case Studies

A game’s success is a rocky road that we have been through as a developer. Our goal as a publisher is to reduce the go-to-market risks, accelerate growth and ramp-up scalability by applying our know-how. Get in touch and let's grow your game together.

Crossy Creeper

Crossy Creepers

Crossy Creepers is an arcade block endless survival game developed by the Spanish company Etorki. It received 5M+ downloads...

Tap Knights

Tap Knights

Tap Knights: Heroes and Monsters (TK: HM) is a fantasy RPG Battle Clicker style game developed by the Chinese Company...


What kind of games are you interested in?

It must be F2P with In-App Purchases. About the genre, we do not close the door to any game. As soon as you have a good product, we are interested in knowing more.

Is there any platform requirement?

Unity is greatly preferred but not a must.

At what game stage would you consider a partnership?

We would need at least a playable prototype with some basic monetization and retention metrics to make sure the MVP is already meeting our minimum KPIs.

What criteria would you look at for considering a game application?

We evaluate several aspects.

  • Game content: Current development status and potential updates included in the product's roadmap.
  • Art - UX/UI.
  • Monetization models (IAPs / Ads) and core loops: Fluid game economy
  • Gameplay and monetization KPIs:
    • Retention Rate on Days 1-7-30.
    • FTUE
    • ARPDAU

Would you be open to co-develop a game?

As we strive for agility, we do believe if we are involved in co-development, it might slow down the process and thus its launch so we are 100% hands-off in the development.

What party will own the Intellectual Property (IP)?

The developer of the game.

What business model do you usually work with?

Typically, we work a revenue share model.